Ladies having fun in the snow

Do you remember as a child how your little heart leapt with joy when you opened your bedroom curtains and saw the world covered in snow? Of course you do - because it meant a day playing outdoors and getting completely exhausted and soaking wet. Lovely healthy activity!
How many of us still feel the same? (Our hands all shoot up in the air!) So we begin to understand how these girls feel as they prepare for some high jinks in the snow.
There's time for some friendly fencing to warm up before fitting their skis and hitting the slopes. Inevitably, it won't be long before they attract the attention of some likely lads who want to share in the fun, and why not ? They can help us up when we fall over !
There's fun to be had driving in the snow as well, but keep an eye open behind in case the village urchins on their skates try and hitch a ride !
Oh - we nearly forgot - who can tell us the make of the car ?

We don't need snow to have fun, but sometimes it helps.

Text Robin Batchelor, pictures courtesy City of Toronto Archives.    

Published: Thursday December 22nd, 2016


  • Dodge two-door sedan body by Fisher introduced at the New York Auto Show in 1925

  • Ah yes, great fun in the snow. The first car is probably a Nash or a Dodge. The fine brass age car is a McLaughlin

  • Looks like a 1925 or 26 Dodge Brothers , 2 door sedan

  • Looks to maybe be a mid '20's Dodge Brothers


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