Mother’s little helper

Again no pretty woman this Friday on PreWarCar. Today is International Women's Day, that's why we want to show you this little device. On its own it did quite a lot to help the emancipation of women. This lumpy thing is an electric starter that could be fitted on the crank which most (if not all) women found impossible to handle. In its own way this device helped women to get more freedom. The 'Ever-Ready' self-starter was only around for a couple of years. In 1912 Cadillac introduced the electric starter motor as standard fitment. By 1920 almost all automobiles were equipped with one.
Want to know more on this theme? Then try to visit the AACA Museum in Hershey. They have a wonderful exposition celebrating 'Women's History Month'.

Published: Thursday March 7th, 2013


  • A lovely period advertisment, but the French word "starter" actually means choke. It's an ad for a Solex carburator with a choke, apparently something new at the time and available as an aftermarket item. The French for starter is "demarreur".

  • So the battery people stole the name!



    Just look at the pleasure on these lady drivers as they use their electric starter button.


    Happy International Women's day !

  • Eveready Automatic Engine Starter had a self re-winding after start heavy-duty spring, released by a pedal. This was an after market accessory.

  • The "Ever-Ready" may have been helpful to start cars not originally equipped with a starter but it is not electric. The factory catalog shows clearly a huge coil spring inside. If the engine doesn't start with the one try you then swing the nameplate in the center to one side and insert a hand crank!


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