New School restoration of Amsterdam Taxi

In January 2011 this 1933 Austin Seven 'long wheel base' RP Saloon was unearthened from a Dutch barn. The car was in extremely poor condition, which is a sad thing, especially as it had been in service as an Amsterdam taxi until the early sixties. A new owner had the restoration commisioned from Oldtimerservice Kranz.  It was decided to give the car fully overhauled mechanics and electricity, but leave the bodypanels, paintwork and upholstery 'as found'. Hubert Kranz explains that in fact a full restoration had been easier yet that the new owner insisted to leave the current 'cosmetics' untouched. Last week the car was ready for its first test yards... The gearbox was a bit stiff which has been handled in the meantime. We're truly looking forward to see the friendly little taxi back in service in Amsterdam. We'll keep you posted. 


Published: Sunday June 1st, 2014


  • Dear Maurice, I think that the driver may have been included. In the old days all persons were passengers including the driver, occupants should have been a better word. I had seen a Ford T of 1921 or so with a writing on the side,"5 passengers only". This was unearthed when layers of paint were removed for repainting. That would leave still one passenger to be accommodated. Perhaps children? In that case better wording would have been "Max 5 occupants only". i am only debating the possible thoughts behind these wordings. Cheers

  • Five passengers? Two in the back, one in the front seat and two on the roof?

  • A credit to the owners thinking. A full restoration might have been easier but you can see rows of shiny A7's and not many like this. And great to see the next generation of keepers driving it now !


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