Not your everyday gathering: 5 Voisins

Earlier we published a feature about how Hubertus became a fan of the Voisin cars. It was clear he wasn't the only one. And we totally agree, it is something special which you don't see that often. To be honest, we haven't seen one on the road yet (only on shows or other events). But Fer Cools was very lucky.

A few years back he made the photo above in Troyes and he told us they are all running. Fantastic photo Fer! What we like is that the cars have many typical Voisin similarities, but you can also see differences.

We are not the Voisin specialist so cannot tell you what types we see here. But we are sure, you can help us!

Published: Saturday December 2nd, 2017



    Congratulations Hubertus : 5 points!


    What a great picture!
    From left to right:
    - C25 "Aerodyne"
    - not quite sure, but I think it's a C14 "Chartreuse" (maybe a C23 "Charente"?)
    - C24 "Charquartre"
    - C14 "Charteorum" (The famous "Lumineuse"/ this one is now painted black and features the dizzying Voisin-cloth in red)
    - C23 "Char"


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