Release the Beast at Mallory!

We are still smelling the burning rubber of the famous Prescott Hill Climb but we are already preparing for the next racing event. The Leicestershire circuit of Mallory Park, famous for its superb blend of challenging corners and motorsport grass roots, is set to come alive this weekend to the sight and sound of numerous pre-war motorcars competing on a circuit almost half the age of some of the vehicles themselves!

Bringing them here is Round 4 of the Vintage Sports Car Club’s Formula Vintage series, which regularly attracts a capacity grid of International pre-1918 machinery, including the celebrated Edwardian Race.

One of the highlighted vehicles is the world-famous ‘Beast of Turin’ – a 1911 Fiat S76 Grand Prix Car that was specifically built to challenge for the World Land Speed Record before the outbreak of World War One. Possessing an enormous 28.3 litre engine that delivers deafening thunder capable of leaving onlookers utterly astonished, as well as 300 hp, this vehicle simply cannot fail to be noticed and is an absolute joy to watch.

Alongside the track-action, auction house Bonhams will be supporting the event with an impressive period selection within the Paddock. Bonham's fine vintage vehicles will sit on static display directly alongside the cars competing on the day. Not only can spectators drink in the top quality motorsport, the Paddock will offer free access allowing for up-close interaction with both drivers and machinery.

If you love pre-war, you’re sure to love this event. In my opinion, just being able to stand next the ‘Beast of Turin’ and listen to its overwhelming roar upon start-up is worth a ticket just in itself!

For more information about the event, go to the VSCC webpage >click<

Text and photo: Gillian Carmoodie

Published: Sunday August 6th, 2017


  • Seeing the 'Beast of Turin" in action would be well worth not just the ticket but travelling halfway around the world to see. Next year!


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