Marble Factory treasures. (upd. Aurea FATA + video)

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“While on a business trip in Northern-Italy, I was invited to visit the Lavorazione Marmi (a Marble factory). The owner promised to let me see his 1910 SCAT automobile. The visit exceeded my expectations, as there was not only a SCAT but also a 1904 Ceirano Junior in restoration. Both cars were made in the same factory. Lots of treasures in this Marble factory because I also saw an Aurea, a Bouton engine and some other spare engines, Scat & Ceirano, lying around. At the end of the day the owner, Antonio, invited me for a drink down the pub and we drove there with the SCAT, which of course attracted a lot of attention. Worth the visit and it will not be my last."
(text, photos and Video(click!) by  Rick Nicolaas)


Published: Monday October 1st, 2012


  • Sorry for my (the aurea owner, who is interested in photos from the marble factory) late replay.
    It would be great, if you would sent some more photos, especially from the Aurea.


  • To Commentator #3 I have an original Aurea 500 handbook if that might assist him/her and some headlamp rims with AUREA cast in them.

  • Dear Hans,
    Apologies for the late reply. Thamk you for your e-mail. If I had taken more photo's of the Aurea I would be happy to send them to you. Next time I'm visiting the Marble factory I will take more photo's. Please send me your e-mail address.

    Best regards,
    Rick Nicolaas

  • Hello
    I'am a proud owner of an AUREA 500 car ready for restauration. Because it's not so easy to find out the cars original view, I would be interested in pictures of this AUREA car in this north-italian marble factory.
    Thanks in advance

  • Please, notice that the SCAT has still the original license plate, 63=Turin.

  • Hello, it should read 'Aurea' in the text. This is the Aurea FATA car. Also made in what was to become the Ceirano commercials factory I think. We have 1.5 Newton-Ceirano S150 cars from 1925 situated in Northamptonshire, UK.


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