What became of 'MG1932'?

Graham Rankin sent this family photo: "I recently came across this period photo of my father Kenneth Rankin in his J2 MG taken in 1932 after qualifying as a chartered accountant. The number plate was MG 1932! Does anyone know if the car still exists?"

To help us on the way Bas 'MG' de Voogd adds: "The MG and UMG plates were often assigned to new cars by University Motors. This specific one came with an MG J2, chassi # J2210, which left the works on 24 September 1932 and received its registration on 7 October 1932." 

Well that's clear language, now all we need to do is find back the car, or at least retrace its history, where it ended or continues.

Published: Tuesday May 27th, 2014


  • Yes, my father had this car from new and was indeed the first owner. It was a present from my grandparents (his parents) for having successfully qualified as a chartered accountant. He later regretted selling it after buying a Magnette which he did not rate so highly. It would be wonderful to discover what happened to it.

  • There was nothing known about this car after it left the factory (the chassis record did not survive). At least we now have an owner (most likely the first) and a picture!


  • The number plate does not show up on the DVLA website either.

  • The number is not on the DVLA database (on an MG)

  • As Mike Hawke has checked the M.G. Car Club's MMM Register (the Register for Midgets, Magnas and Magnettes) then the chances are, as he says, that the car no longer exists. However, cars do creep out of barns from time to time.
    However, the registration may exist. A check with DVLA would reveal if the registration was on a car that was currently taxed or SORNed. For the registration to be on another vehicle the original vehicle had to have existed. So, the MG could exist, but it's unlikely.

  • J2210 is not listed in the Triple M Register and not mentioned in the ultimate J2 Book by Mike Hawke.
    Probably the car is no longer on the roads.



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