What is it? Quiz# 340

To help you get on the road, this is a four wheel drive truck. Not made in the USA where the 4x4 history started with steam in 1901. Oops ! now you're off the road again. Also it is not made in Holland, where the first fwd 6 cylinder car was built. This highly professional offroader was made in small numbers in Europe by a factory that most of you will only remember because this name is connected with winning one of the most famous road races of the twenties. In fact we think we have told you too much already and we can imagine the Google professors among you have started their engines already.  Before we leave you to it, the registration plate may help, but we don't give any guarantee to that.   

Post your answers in the comment box below before Monday, March 11. But first read The Rules under Read More. Don't use more than 100 words and you may win the infamous PreWarCar T-shirt.  (outcome of quiz and  source of photo to be published next Saturday)

Published: Friday March 8th, 2013


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